Critical Thinking

LeeAnn’s discussion forum this week for PIDP3250 is on critical thinking. The following resource posted:

She states “Creative thinking can teach and surprise people/students about new facts, topics or discussions. It is a fabulous tool to use to involve students to discuss topics or look at problems or solutions with fresh perspectives which may seem unorthodox; traditionally brainstorming or lateral thinking is used for creative thinking.”

my reply: Excellent perspective here – I am guilty of preferring logic, sequence and fact and maybe not thinking critically, or promoting critical thinking, enough! Of the 5 types presented, systems thinking seemed closest to my experience in the classroom. We have a competency profile that shows the large scope of required information that makes up our professional credential. Within that there are many sub-systems – tax, law, insurance, investments, economics, behavioural finance, etc – and there is connection and sometimes crossover among the systems to create the larger whole. I have trouble trying to picture some of the more creative aspects of critical thinking into finance. Certainly I can pose questions to prompt students to think conceptually about the content, and I wonder if I might have more opportunity to introduce critical thinking later in the program. For the foundations course, and my next introductory course, so much of the content is formulae, vocabulary, and lists of things. I am super interested in this thread, to see what other ideas and strategies come up!


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